Are My Contacts Inside Out?

Whether you are a new contact lens wearer or you have been using them for years to correct your vision, you may be wondering how you can tell if a contact lens is inside out. If you suspect you may be wearing your contact lenses incorrectly or they just feel uncomfortable, here are some ways you can determine this to avoid the problem in the future.

Side view

correct lenses

One method is to look at the lens carefully from the side. A contact lens on the tip of the index finger should be shaped like the letter "U", rather than a soup bowl. If it is flared on the sides like a soup bowl, it is surely inside out.

Check the Edge Tint

This involves looking at it from the top. This method is especially useful for colored contact lenses. In general, the edge of a colored lens looks very blue. Inverted lenses look greenish, which require the wearer to flip it around for proper wearing.

Taco Test

This effective method is to gently squeeze the lens so that the edges touch. The edges of a normal lens always touch completely after been squeezed. In contrast, the edges of a lens that is inside out will not touch fully.

Find the Engraving                                                                                  

Some contact lens manufacturers use special lasers to make factory engraving on their lenses. Common items of engraving include manufacturer information, model number, brand name and grade of materials used. This engraving will not affect normal vision of the wearer but it can be used to evaluate the right position of a lens on the eyes. "1-2-3" is engraved on some brands on contact lens.  Wearers should make sure this label is facing downwards on the finger before placing the lens into the eye.

Trial and Error

The more you wear contact lenses; you will start to understand easier if your contacts lenses are inside out So if you fell discomfort and the lenses pop out of your eye is a sign that your lenses are inside out!

Don’t be scared!  It doesn't harm your eye or your contact.


Just remove the lens, rinse it with contact lens solution reverse the lens and put it back on your eye.

Ask a Professional


Contacts wearers can also visit a doctor if there is any discomfort of their contact lenses. Incorrectly placed contact lenses may still impose slight pressure on the eyes. New wearers of contacts always need much practice.



If you need more information about your contact lenses we will be happy to help you! Just contact us!